Navigating Global Markets with Advanced Solutions

About WPS Partners: Navigating Global Business Landscapes

WPS Partners Group, with companies in Estonia and Sweden, is a respected team of business consulting experts. We provide tailored solutions in international structuring, post-exit strategies, and wealth planning, empowering businesses and families to realize their desired legacy. We’re also soon expanding with a new company in Slovenia.

The Expert Team Fueling Our Vision

WPS Partners distinguishes companies on the global stage with bespoke business structuring and wealth planning.

Turgay Kuleli, TEP MBA LLM

Managing Director, Estonia

International wealth planner

Andreas Blomqvist

Managing Director, Sweden

The guiding force leading us to success in Sweden.

Doruk Gencer

Business Development Director for Slovenia

Optimizing investor experience to attract FDI in Slovenia.

Ari Virtanen

Advisor for Finland

A valuable guide to investing in or from Finland.

Anastasia Marinopoulou

Advisor for Greece

Proficiency in lean management and investment in Greece.

Dr Emre Camlibel

Advisor for Turkey

Ensuring successful Turkish real estate development and VC investments.

Catalyzing Growth with Strategic Insights

At WPS Partners, our commitment to excellence is evidenced by our accomplishments. We’ve curated a list of achievements showcasing our expertise and the significant advantages we offer to our clients.


Decades of Expertise

A quarter-century of expertise – profound insights across various industries.


Elevate Your Enterprise with Our Proficiency

Exceeding 500 clients, we offer robust strategies and measurable outcomes.


Advancing Businesses with Prosperous Ventures

With over 600 projects mastered, our team consistently surpasses client expectations.


Fostering Corporate Innovation

Customized strategies for multinational firms in various sectors including technology and finance.

WPS Partners was pivotal in our expansion, propelling noteworthy advancement.

Strategy Director

A Multinational Corporation

Elevate Your Enterprise

Maximize your enterprise’s capabilities with our bespoke international structuring and wealth planning solutions. Ascend to unparalleled heights.