Estonian company
Estonia has a country strategy that favors tech companies grow and internationalize fast, effective internationalization to the markets of Eastern Europe and the Nordic region as well as offers an excellent corporate, entrepreneurial and taxation environment.
Please view below a few tables with some of main features of Estonia:

  •  Civil law system
  • Member of EU from 2004
  • EURO is adopted as currency from 2011
  • Excellent banking services with internet facilities
  • Excellent financial infrastructure
  • Excellent internet based environment for communicating with state authorities (including the Tax and Customs Board)
  • Low operating costs
  • Estonian is the official language but English and Russian are widely spoken
  • World ranking is 6th (of a total of 183) countries in “Economic Freedom Index” (The Heritage foundation)
  • World ranking is 12th in “Ease of Doing Business” (World Bank Report 2017)
  • World ranking is 17th in “Trading Across Borders” (World Bank Report 2017)