Business development involves the creation of sustained value for organizations by tapping into customer insights, market dynamics, and nurturing fruitful relationships. Our primary clientele predominantly consists of entrepreneurs and established enterprises seeking to explore fresh markets and business prospects, underpinned by meticulous planning and support to avert costly missteps.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

Market Evaluation & Exploration:

Assessing the market potential for our clients' specific products.
Evaluating the market-specific regulations governing their target products/activities.
Conducting in-depth market research to identify key players.

Identification & Selection of Local Partners and/or Wholesalers/Clients:

Scouting potential local partners or wholesalers/clients with a vested interest in:
Representing the client as a local entity (based on client requests).
Engaging in local joint ventures, subject to specific requirements.
Distributing the client's products within the local market.

Assisting in Business Relocation/Establishment of Start-ups/Factory Relocation:

Facilitating the transition of existing businesses or the establishment of new local commercial and/or manufacturing facilities.

Due Diligence & Valuation of Local Partners/Wholesalers/Clients:

Compiling comprehensive information memoranda detailing the structure, activities, products, financial data, management, and more, to provide a holistic view of potential partners.

Miscellaneous Services:

Legal and tax services provided by third parties for activities like company mergers, acquisitions, new operations, or winding down operations.

Incorporation of new local companies, including adherence to statutory requirements.

Set-up services encompassing tasks such as identifying suitable premises, staff recruitment, and liaising with advertising agencies.

Legal and tax consultations offered by third-party experts.

Accounting services provided by third-party professionals.